Jukebox comes back to New Orleans!

"I felt bad that the jukebox wasn't there," he said. "It seemed like the right thing to do to put it back where a lot of people made memories." So Todaro emailed McCelvey. They came to an agreement. Todaro, a lawyer, would lease the jukebox to the restaurant for one dollar a year. But there were conditions. McCelvey couldn't change the records. And he couldn't make money off the jukebox.

Emeril Lagasse's former top chef buys Frankie and Johnny's

David McCelvey took over Frankie and Johnny's on Nov. 1. The chef, who once helmed the kitchens at NOLA, Emeril's and Emeril's Delmonico, knew customers wouldn't accept many tweaks at the Uptown neighborhood joint. But he didn't realize how sensitive they would be.

"I changed one thing," he said, "the meat on the hamburger steak..."

Voted Best Restaurant for Boiled Seafood

Where Y'at readers vote Frankie and Johnny's "Best Restaurant for Boiled Seafood" for the Best of the Big Easy Readers' Picks.

Those who live in Uptown New Orleans, they are spoiled every year whenever Frankie & Johnny’s lights up their boilers and starts serving up crawfish.